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Feeric Fashion Week Aligns Itself With The Fashion Sustainable Approach

The 12th edition of the world’s most creative fashion week, Feeric Fashion Week, takes place between 17th and 21st July in Sibiu and its surroundings.

Feeric Fashion Week is taking a step towards a sustainable industry, organizing events in line with all international approaches.

The 12th edition of Feeric Fashion Week turns Sibiu again into the world capital of fashion. Between 17 and 21 July, designers from all corners of the world are expected to present their new collections in unconventional spaces in the city and in Sibiu County, Transylvania, Romania.

Because fashion is among the polluting industries, this year’s Feeric Fashion Week is taking another important step towards international recognition, aligning itself with the global pollution reduction trend. “Some voices position fashion in the second-place among the most polluting industries. Non-profit organizations, as well as corporations, invest heavily in awareness campaigns and even in research to reduce pollution. More and more independent designers are thinking about new collections in line with the awareness messages both from the market and from the big players in fashion industry “says Mitichi, president of Feeric Fashion Week.

Occasionally, the Argentinean brand that is coming for the 4th consecutive year at Feeric Fashion Week and used in its new collection organically painted materials by

artist Eduardo Perez Gonzalez Ocantos. In addition, in this edition, blade wool is one of the new materials used in the creation of the collection, being processed entirely by traditional methods specific to South America. IED – Istituto Europeo di Design brings for the first time in Romania an entirely sustainable collection, already presented at Pitti Uomo. “We launched together with IED- Istituto Europeo di Design and V Fair, the biggest fashion fair in Romania, a sustainable design competition dedicated exclusively to Romanian young designers. 10 finalists will be selected to present their creations at Feeric Fashion Week. The winner of this competition receives a free scholarship in Barcelona, ​​”says Mitichi, president of FFW.

Working to promote sustainability in fashion is not only related to the festival that will take place in Sibiu, the Feeric Fashion Week creative team is already promoting the sustainability in fashion during the most important fashion weeks around the world. The results of the efforts will be summarized in a photo exhibition titled “Consume less, pollute less”, which has Landiana as protagonist, the vice president of the fashion week in Sibiu. Landiana managed to capture the attention of the photographers and the most important publishers fashionable magazines such as Vogue, Elle, Marie Claire, Harper’s Bazaar and many more, using the same garments styled differently. Therefore, through creativity, Landiana shows you can reduce your clothing consumption , and if each of us uses his creative resource, the global consequences will be significant. The photos will be featured in the opening event of the 12th edition of the Feeric Fashion Week, to be held at Versailles Events, on July 17th.

Feeric Fashion Week is rightly credited with the recognition of the most creative fashion week in the world due to the absolutely unconventional fashion presentations they made, not once, well known around the world. Designers from all corners of the world choose to value their new creations in atypical spaces for fashion presentations. On the water, inside the water, in the lion’s cage at the zoo or in the middle of a stone quarry, the Feeric Fashion Week presentations are a standard of world-class creativity.

And this year it does not leave anything lower, on the contrary, it goes even higher up to the sky. The festival opens on Wednesday at Versailles by Buonavista with a welcome-party hosted by the Vice President of Feeric

Fashion Week, Landiana. International influencer and fashion editor, Landiana has begun the direction of this year’s edition for a sustainable fashion approach. The entire FFW creative team already promotes sustainability in all major fashion weeks. The results of the efforts will be summarized in a photo exhibition titled “Consume less, pollute less”, with Landiana as protagonist and will be exhibited at the opening party.

The fashion shows will start on Thursday, in the heart of the city, at the shadow of the most representative symbol of Sibiu, the Tower of the Council. Silvia Serban will open the fashion shows at 13 o’clock with a collection that will never be consumed. There are garments that develop addictions without cure because they are always and always rediscovered. Whether in a minimalist style or with postmodern details, most of Silvia Serban’s clothes have at least two ways to be worn, versatile and original. Then, fashion shows move into the baroque decor of Avrig Brukenthal Summer Palace. The enchanting decorations of the Palace have always been a perfect ambience in combination with fashion. This year, Ocantos, designer from Argentina, enters symbiosis with the crystalline waters of the stream that cross the palace courtyard. A perfect painter, Eduardo Ocantos puts the pastels on his fabrics, a color burst painting the whole of Argentina’s tradition. Then, at 20 o’clock, under the pines of the palace courtyard, The Rags Tribe will present a manifest-collection. Dawn Schuster started The Rags Tribe brand to empower the courageous women who have been saved from the human-trafficking. They offer education and opportunities to start another life. And many of them choose to contribute “unique, wonderful, confident and proud clothing”, as Dawn says. Dresses, kimonos, pants, all are made from materials gathered around India, most of them hand-made and sewn in unique pieces by victims of sexual abuse. The evening will end on the Oranjeria palace’s meadow at an outdoor party.

On Friday, Feeric Fashion Week rises to heaven. At 13 o’clock on the luggage lane of the Arrivals terminal at Sibiu International Airport, Pif Stephano will present his latest collection. MONOLOG 20.19 wishes to fight the pink color label – it’s girl! Or not! Thus, the designer proposes an aesthetic represented by a socio-cultural hybrid of the present. From the airport, presentations move to Magura Airport in Cisnadie, where they will move in the sky. Among the planes, moto-planes and delta-planes, the new collection Bianca Popp, an extraordinary designer from the Feeric Fashion Week in the last 10 years.

Soon after, Habermann Square is putting the grate geometry to showcase the Ramelle brand. Ramona Mihaela, the creator behind the brand, wanted to explore new dimensions with new perspectives, offering creations with a minimalist, feminine design, where fashion meets architecture, and geometric shapes blend perfectly with futuristic accents.

Friday’s day ends at the foyer of the “Ion Besoiu” Cultural Center, where Bianca Popp will present a menswear collection, and the European Design Institute in Milan (IED) will have a collective presentation. In 2018, the IED started a series of extensive events on sustainability. The events will continue in Sibiu, and in collaboration with Feeric Fashion Week and Vfair, organized a sustainable fashion design competition dedicated exclusively to Romanian young designers. The prize is a substantial one and consists of a free scholarship in Barcelona for the winner in collaboration with IED-Istituto Europeo di Design Barcelona, Spain. The ten finalists will present their works for judging the same Friday night. At the end of the day, Mango Pub will host the after-party.
The last day of fashion shows on Saturday begins in the basement of the “Ion Besoiu” Cultural Center, a place that keeps the time, mysterious and easy to go, that will emphasize the Pat Equilux brand collection. The new skatepark, near the Obor Fair will meet at 17 o’clock with the exuberant markets of Andalusia. Juan Boleco brings a lively collection of spirits and vapors that breathe Spanish air. The most important event of the festival, Gala Feeric, is scheduled to begin at 21, in the Little Square of Sibiu, in the front of the House of Arts. In front of hundreds of spectators will scroll collections presented by Aida Lorena, Casi Couture, Irina Akkaya and Chaotic. The event will be presented by the TV star Cosmina Păsărin. The curtain falls over the 12th edition of the Feeric Fashion Week in the Cotton Club, at the Feeric Party, the event that will close the festival.

Feeric Fashion Week takes place between July 17th and 21st, in Sibiu. The event is co-financed by the Sibiu Local Council through the City Hall of Sibiu and the Sibiu County Council.

Partners: Ford through Mecatronics Sibiu, Lillet, Wella, Paese, Boromir, Redal Expo, First Driving School, Buonavista