Accreditation gives the journalist a badge and access to each show during his presence at the Feeric Fashion Week. In the case of special shows, journalists will be distributed on the front lines, within the limits of the available places.

The following information is required to obtain accreditation:

  • the name of the publication for which he writes and the number of copies he has printed
  • the total and monthly number of readers of the publication
  • relevant articles about Feeric Fashion Week.

Once the accreditation has been obtained, the journalist undertakes:

  • Publish daily material on the social media pages of the publication it represents about FFW events using the following hashtags: #feericfashionweek and #feelfeeric plus hashtags specific to each event, very action, whether it’s a fashion show, an exhibition, a party, street style, or a meeting organized by the FFW production team
  • publish a full-day summary article for daily publications describing the activity and atmosphere from shows or at least a general article in the case of low-frequency publications.
  • At the end of the festival, add a brief summary, with a general and subjective opinion, about everything that FFW means
  • Keep in touch with the PR of the festival and respond to its requests and suggestions
  • Strictly adhere to the program of the festival and present with punctuality to the events

* by signing up for Feeric Fashion Week 2023 you are agreeing to be contacted via email by Mitichi Foundation representatives with informations about FFW and the other fashion events hosted by Mitichi Foundation.