Terms and Conditions

REGULATIONS on the designer registration process for the 15th edition of Feeric Fashion Week organized by the MITICHI FOUNDATION between July 18th to 23th, 2023

The terms and conditions govern your right to access and use the services related to the designer registration process, as well as the procedures following the acceptance of the collections that will presented during the Feeric Fashion Week. To use this procedure we shall call it “Registration”, and if you want to access it, you must read and accept all terms and conditions described in this document, including the policy on personal data. This form represents the first part of the Contract we will sign after Subscription.



The organizer of “Feeric Fashion Week” is Mitichi Foundation, with its registered office in Sibiu County, Apoldu de Jos, str. Principala, 603, place of business in Sibiu, strada Targul Vinului, nr. 5 and email address: info@feeric.ro hereinafter referred to as Organizer. The fashion festival Feeric Fashion Week shall take place in compliance with the provisions of these “Regulations”. The terms and conditions of these regulations, as presented below, are mandatory for all participants upon registration. The organizer reserves the right to amend the Regulations, and then make them public.



The registration shall be organized and shall take place between September 1st, 2022 and  July 1, 2023, on the official webpage www.feeric.ro, the official website of Feeric Fashion Week.



Any Romanian or foreign natural person or legal entity has the right to register. The participation to this registration represents the fully and freely consented acceptance of the provisions of these Regulations. The right to participate belongs exclusively to the person who fulfills the requirements set forth in the Regulations.



The selection consists of 4 independent stages.

  1. The application period, September 1st, 2022 and July 1, 2023 – represents the sponsorship of a show package from the 3 variants by bank transfer or cash, upon signing the contract that has been customized after filling in the registration form.
  2. The collection selection period, 2 weeks after registration session closes, the international selection committee shall decide the list of collections that will be accepted in the project. In case of refusal, the amount paid shall be refunded. In case of refusal you will be notified by organizer and we will proceed to refund your payment. In case of acceptance you won’t be notified and the procedure will continue.
  3. The sponsorship of participation shall be refunded until July 15, 2023.



The value of the sponsorship that ensures the designer’s participation in Feeric Fashion Week is variable, depending on the accessed package and represents only a part of the event costs, being supplemented by the financing granted by the Municipality of Sibiu and the Local Council of Sibiu for carrying out the entire project:

Show in Feeric Venue

– Early Bird Package until 31st of December 2022 – 2500euros

– Advance Package from 1st of January to 31st of March  2023 – 3000euros

– Regular Package from 1st of April to 31st of May 2023 – 3500euros

Show in Feeric Gala

– Early Bird Package until 31st of December 2022 – 3000euros

– Advance Package from 1st of January to 31st of March  2023 – 3500euros

– Regular Package from 1st of April to 31st of May 2023 – 4000euros

Individual Fashion Show

-Early Bird Package until 31st of December 2022 – 4000euros

– Advance Package from 1st of January to 31st of March  2023– 4500euros

– Regular Package from 1st of April to 31st of May 2023 – 5000euros


Besides the location of the fashion show, all three packages include the following:

–  a predetermined group of 15 models for the fashion show in Gala or Feeric Venue, or a predetermined group of 20 models for the individual fashion show. The model casting shall take place a month before, and the models shall be divided into balanced working groups in terms of size and experience.

– logistics related to the fashion show (as applicable, depending on the particularities of the location, the logistics implies lights, sound, catwalk, chairs, theatrical scenery, dj, technicians, security, art director, backstage coordinator, assistants, etc.)

–  amenities in the backstage area (assistance during activities, standers, hangers, iron, access to catering etc.).

– photo album and a video with a summary of the fashion show to be used in the image campaign with the obligation to mention the name Feeric Fashion Week in the promotional activities carried out based on these materials. The copyright remains with the photographer / videographer and Mitichi Foundation.



In order to register, the participant must upload images with the sketches, collection or from the portfolio and offer as much information and as many links possible that may determine the organizer to choose them to present their collection in Feeric Fashion Week. After registration, the participant must transfer the amount corresponding to the desired package, within maximum 2 days after receiving the sponsorship contract. Delaying the transfer of the amount causes the request to be declared null. A participant may register maximum of 5 photos.



Each registration shall form a folder that shall be marked with accepted / rejected, by 5 people connected to Feeric Fashion Week. These people will be fashion editors, fashion week producers from around the world, foreign and Romanian journalists, fashion bloggers, photographers and members of the festival production team.



The participant to the selection implicitly declares, by registering the photos in the contest, that they own the copyrights of the photos and the collection they want to present in the festival, or assumes all legal consequences. If it is proved that they do not own the copyrights of the submitted materials after the designer paid the participation fee, this fee shall not be refunded. Upon the submission of the photos, the participant agrees to their publication in the materials related to the participant’s presence to the festival. The designer also understands that all photo / video images resulted from their fashion show shall be used in the future promotional campaigns of Feeric Fashion Week and projects associated to this brand.



The organizer reserves the right to cancel any participation of any designer who has registered, at any time, if they suspect that the designer’s activity and public exposure may have negative effects on Feeric Fashion Week. In that case the value of the sponsorship shall not be refunded.



The organizer complies with the law on data confidentiality in force in Romania and European Union. By registering for Feeric Fashion Week you understand and agree that the Organizer will request from you, as beneficiary, the following information necessary for your personal identification and for drafting the expense reimbursement form for the co-financiers of the project:

(a) surname and first name

(b) a copy of the identity card / passport (photo is accepted)

(c) the registration data of the company you represent, where applicable.

(d) a valid e-mail address and phone numbers.

The organizer requests this information in order to prepare the expense reimbursement form to be presented to the co-financier, to maintain the contractual relationship and to develop the commercial relationship with SHADES representative. After collecting your data, the Organizer – shall not disclose, rent or sell your personal identification data to other third parties than the ones both parties have agreed upon, for marketing and advertising. – shall not disclose to other third parties than the ones both parties have agreed upon your contact information without your consent, unless this information is requested by legally qualified state institutions (with inspection authority, etc.) – shall protect the essential information that you provide, by standard protocols and appropriate technologies.



You understand and you agree that you are not allowed to post, upload or send by email or by any other method, within online registration the following types of information: – illegal, abusive, obscene, discriminatory, offensive or harassing information. – false information about your own identity, including, but not limited to aliases or any other type of false, wrong or inaccurate date that you provide within the online contest. – Information that you do not have the right to publish, or which are secret or confidential or over which you do not have rights of intellectual property. – Unrequested or unauthorized advertising information, spam, chain letters, pyramid schemes or any other type of requests.

This interdiction refers to, including, but not limited to, using the online registration to:

  1. a) send messages to people you don’t know;
  2. b) contact people you don’t know and send them promotional messages or requests without their consent;
  3. c) send messages to distribution lists or group aliases. – information that contain computer viruses or any malicious codes or files, or software meant to interrupt, destroy or limit the functioning of any software, or any electronic or telecommunication equipment

This interdiction refers to, including, but not limited to: spyware (software that allows the collection of data on the user of the infected computer), adware (software that transmits unwanted ads), computer viruses, phishing (messages requesting confidential information), spam (unrequested e-mails), pop-ups or links to web pages that are considered risky. – falsified identification elements with the purpose of concealing the origin of any communication sent through the website www.feeric.ro or other means related to this online registration or to the Organizer in general. – content that is not intended for that field (e-mail address instead of name, etc.). You agree that you are not allowed to interfere with or to interrupt the servers, the network or the services of the Organizer related to the online contest or to infringe any regulations, proceedings or guidelines on using the network, related to this contest.



You agree that the Organizer may interrupt, at any time, without prior notice, your account and access to the online registration, for reasons that might be, but without being limited to:

(a) your breach of this Regulations provisions and of the guidelines contained in it,

(b) requests of the government bodies and legal requirements;

(c) your express request

(d) unexpected technical problems and issues.

You agree that the Organizer is free to decide if shall interrupt the provision of service, and that the Organizer cannot be held liable towards you or any other third party for interrupting the access to the registration.



You understand and you agree that by posting materials on the website www.feeric.ro, you assign to the Organizer the free and irrevocable right to use these materials during the provision of service. You understand that you are solely responsible for the information that you post within your online registration, and the Organizer cannot be held liable for any mistake or omission of this information. You agree not to monitor or copy or to allow other people to monitor or copy the pages of the website www.feeric.ro and their content. You agree not to simulate the appearance or operation of this website and not to act to disrupt the operation or to  overload our IT infrastructure, including, but not limited to, unrequested letters, trying to obtain unauthorized  access, transmission or activation of computer viruses.



Within the online registration, the Organizer needs to communicate with you by email or by phone (see chapter Data confidentiality). You agree to receive emails related to your participation in Feeric Fashion Week or your account on the website www.feeric.ro to ensure a good collaboration. You understand and you agree that the Organizer can use your contact information to discuss with or to inform you regarding the products, offers and promotions on the website. You can waive this privilege through the unsubscribe service within the received emails. The Organizer has the right to amend any of the articles of this document in order to ensure the consistency and fairness of the contest. The Organizer shall display any modification of this document on the website of the contest www.feeric.ro.


By accepting these regulations, you agree that the Organizer, their employees, partners and any other collaborators to the conduct of Feeric Fashion Week are not liable for any type of loss or direct, indirect or occasional or extraordinary negative consequences caused by:

  1. a) you used the website feeric.ro;
  2. b) unauthorized access or the modification of your communication with or through this website, or the Organizer does not guarantee that the services related to the online registration and website feeric.ro shall be uninterrupted or error-free. Any material that you download or obtain in any matter from the website www.feeric.ro is your free choice and you do that on your own responsibility and risk, you are the solely responsible in case of deterioration of your computer or data loses caused by these downloads.



These regulations represent an agreement between you and the Organizer of the contest, governed by the Romanian law in force.