Accreditation gives the photographer a badge and access to each show during his presence at the Feeric Fashion Week.

The following information is required to obtain accreditation:

  • the names of the publications or online platforms for which they are shooting
  • report of activity on Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, etc.)
  • report (if applicable) on the promotion of Feeric Fashion Week to date.

Once the accreditation has been obtained, the photographer undertakes:

  1. to observe the photos of the photo coordinator in the festival regarding its location in the catwalk area and the extra show activities.
  2. to observe the organizational structure of photo sessions
  3. At the end of each show or at the latest of each day, publish at least 3 photos using the official #feericfashionweek and #feelfeeric tags and hash tags.
  4. To make available to the organizer a daily selection of the sets of pictures taken during the festival and to allow the organizer to use the images for the future promotion of the Feeric Fashion Week, as well as the source. Photos may have the author’s logo and must be sent daily to
  5. Keep in touch with the PR of the festival and respond to its requests and suggestions
  6. Strictly adhere to the program of the festival and present with punctuality to the events

* by signing up for Feeric Fashion Week 2023 you are agreeing to be contacted via email by Mitichi Foundation representatives with informations about FFW and the other fashion events hosted by Mitichi Foundation.