Feeric Fashion Week launches the accreditation session for fashion bloggers from Romania and abroad.

To obtain accreditation, please provide the following information:

  • Blog / site address, total number of unique readers
  • Social media address: Facebook, Instagram, number of followers
  • Relevant articles related to Feeric Fashion Week are an asset.

Accredited bloggers will have access to each show or event at Feeric Fashion Week. Bloggers will also benefit from preferential terms for viewing venues at fashionable shows (within the limits of available places).

By getting accredited, the blogger commits to:

  • Post at least one photo on social networking sites from each FFW 2023 event they attend
  • Use the #feericfashionweek and #feelfeeric hashtags in social media posts
  • Use in social media posts the hastags of third-party events that will be communicated through the daily newsletter during the festival.
  • Publish a daily summary of the whole day
  • Public at the end of the festival a summary article with a subjective opinion on what Feeric Fashion Week means
  • Observe the program of the festival and to present it with punctuality to events
  • Address any questions or concerns to the Public Relations Department of the Feeric Fashion Week.

* by signing up for Feeric Fashion Week 2023 you are agreeing to be contacted via email by Mitichi Foundation representatives with informations about FFW and the other fashion events hosted by Mitichi Foundation.