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Feeric Hub becomes the launch pad for students around the world

We are glad to share with you the official SCHEDULE of the 15th edition of Feeric Fashion Week here: https://www.feeric.ro/ro/schedule

After 14 years in which Feeric Fashion Week / @feericfashionweek provided the catwalk of the world’s most creative emerging and established fashion designers in Sibiu, Transylvania, the festival takes a step forward towards increased sustainability in international fashion.

Fast-fashion has radically changed the face of this field and returning to education in a fair and sustainable way is the necessary step to keep standards in fashion. From the more than 200 universities contacted, within the FEERIC HUB project, more than 30 have responded favorably since the first edition, and Universities from Central and Eastern Europe, the Balkans, Central Asia and North Africa will be present.

Also to encourage sustainability in the world of fashion, Feeric Fashion Week is the first fashion week in the world to join the #FurFree #FurFree initiative initiated by the Humane Society International / @hsiglobal. More than 1.7 million people have signed the petition submitted to the European Commission to challenge the ban on fur farms in Europe. World-renowned brands have joined this movement: Prada, Furla, Versace, Gucci, and more than 1500 in total. And the HOOLDRA / @hooldra brand, also launched at Feeric Fashion Week, joined this social initiative.

The festival opens with a welcome party, hosted by Landiana / @landianayolo , Vice President of Feeric Fashion Week, at Versailles by Buonavista, on Wednesday.


The solo shows of the 15th edition of Feeric Fashion Week will start on Thursday, July 20th in the Feeric Venue at Cine Gold. The students of the College of Design in Arad, the Faculty of Arts of the University of Oradea, those of the New Bulgarian University and those of the Faculty of Applied Arts in Helwan, Egypt, will open the individual presentations with the collections studied and prepared in class.

Then, students of the Faculty of Arts and Design from the Western University of Timișoara will present a collection of 29 pieces in a totally atypical setting, in a labyrinth of stairs at Promenada Sibiu / @promenadasibiu .

From a geometric setting, the presentations then move to a highly creative industrial space at The Festival Lake, near Binder’s Lake. The public and guests from abroad will be able to see the collections created by Sophia Katsimicha / @katsimicha_sophia from Athens Fashion Club and Idea Moda from Bulgaria. The first day of individual presentations will end in another completely atypical space, in the Prodial sorting station in Tălmaciu colony. Among industrial machines and tons of gravel and materials, the creations of the students of the University of Arts in Belgrade will be paraded.

Check the DAY 1 schedule + designers name here: https://www.feeric.ro/ro/schedule


On Friday, July 21th, three other universities will open the day in the Feeric Venue, where they will be able to admire the pieces made by students from Poland, Macedonia and Georgia.

Promenada Sibiu will then present in the parking lot on the top floor of the mall, the new Synergia collection, a collection full of color and personality. In the evening, the Hooldra / @hooldra brand returns the spectators to the courtyard of The Festival Lake, in a lush setting with industrial accents, according to the upcycling concept that Hooldra conveys through the clothing it produces.

The day ends in paradise, under the shadow of the Faragaș mountains. In an equestrian setting, among thoroughbred horses, Feeric Fashion Week presents the collection of the University of Art and Design from Cluj Napoca, at Colț de Rai.

Check the DAY 2 schedule + designers name here: https://www.feeric.ro/ro/schedule


On the last day of the fashion shows, the students from UNARTE Bucharest will present the largest collective collection, of 40 pieces, in the geometric setting of the Boromir factory.

In the afternoon will be a return to the past, to the Warp of Times. The event is a manifest journey, in the footsteps of the textile heritage of Șara Făgărașilor and will take place at Cine Gold Sibiu.

The last individual presentation of this edition will take place on the pedestrian walkway that connects the courtyard of the Brukenthal Museum to the Împaratul Romanilor hotel. The public will be able to see here the collective collection made by the students of the UFEG Fashion Institute in Ukraine.

As every year, the Feeric Gala will draw the curtain on Feeric Fashion Week. Huet Square will host collections signed by the below designers:

Georgia Chioni – Athens Fashion Club, Greece / @georgia_chioni Kimono & Me – Turkey / @kimonome.art

La blouse Roumaine – Romania / @lablouseroumaine
Bujra Al Hajar from the Fashion Institute of Qatar and students from the Faculty of Textile

Technology of the University of Zagreb and the Academy of Music and Fine Arts in Chisinau. Check the DAY 3 schedule + designers name here: https://www.feeric.ro/ro/schedule

Check the full schedule + designers name here:


Feeric Fashion Week is an event organized by the Mitichi Foundation and co-financed by the Sibiu City Hall. Main partners: Ford Sibiu and Promenada Sibiu.

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