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RESPECT. Sustainability and Design Workshop on how to make a sustainable portfolio

Sustainability is certainly not a new theme in the world agenda. Since decades mankind started to look for utopian solutions and new planets to colonize, both in fiction and non-fiction.

Nowadays, climate changes are forcing us to be more aware of the fact that we need to RESPECT the Planet.  This new attitude is investing all aspects of our lives nevertheless the Design World. Just by taking a brief look at the reports from the latest fashion and design weeks, we realize that sustainability is not just a trend but an unavoidable topic to be addressed by all designers.

A contemporary design portfolio must refer to the topic of Sustainability!

If you are preparing a portfolio for your university application or for your next job application/project, please join us in a workshop organized by IED – Istituto Europeo di Design and Vfair.

Francesca Perani, IED lecturer, will investigate and explain various techniques of portfolio-composition giving examples and integrating them with the topic of sustainability.

You will have the chance to work hands-on a practical example and to receive a feedback on how you could best present your works.

Last part of the workshop will be dedicated to the upcoming scholarship competition launched by IED – Istituto Europeo di Design for undergraduate and masters’ programs.

We will wait for you on Monday November 4th at at Mezanin, 23-25, Actor Ion Brezoianu, Palatul Universul.

From 11:00 untill 16:00.

Places are limited, hurry up and register here in order to participate!!!