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The attention of the fashion world is focused on Sibiu. Feeric Fashion Week begins Sibiu, 21 – 24 July 2022

Since 2008, Feeric Fashion Week has been a meeting point to explore new trends and an important national and international showcase for creatives of the fashion world.
The 14th edition of Feeric Fashion Week brings, again, Sibiu among the world capitals of fashion. Designers from all over the world come to Sibiu between July 20 and 24 to present their latest collections in unconventional spaces in the city and in Sibiu County.
Sibiu Fashion Week opens with a welcome party hosted by Landiana, vice president of Feeric Fashion Week, at Versailles by Buonavista. The event will be preceded by the opening of a virtual photography exhibition entitled “Heredity Feeric”, a collection of digital NFTs transposed on clothing sketches, which can be admired with the help of VR glasses.
The fashion shows start on July 21, at 1 pm, with an unconventional show, in an atypical space, on the spiral that connects the first floor with the second floor of the Promenada Sibiu shopping center. Ukrainian designer Irina Dzhus opens the 14th edition of Feeric Fashion Week with a fall / winter 2022 collection, produced exclusively using cruelty-free materials, according to the brand’s ethical values. A theme that, by the way, we will find throughout this year’s edition. In the same space follows the presentation of the Borbala brand, where the designer used only upcycled and recycled materials, including melted plastic bags and then transformed into evening dresses, accessorized with plastic caps and shampoo boxes. All these surprising details try to draw attention to the problems caused by global pollution. Alist Designers boutique returns to Feeric Fashion Week with a new selection of pieces by Romanian designers. The project initiated by Alist Magazine and supported by Bucharest Mall Vitan, continues to promote local creations, with over 50 names from the Romanian industry in the last two years. The presentation of the collection takes place at 4 pm, on the pedestrian passage on Manejului Street. The last presentation of the day will take the audience and guests up the beautiful stairs of the Brukenthal Summer Palace in Avrig. Present for the fourth time at Feeric Fashion Week, the RAMELLE brand will present the Infinity collection at Avrig.
On Friday, at 1 pm, at Cinegold, in Feeric Venue, students in clothing design from Romania, Poland and Italy will present their works resulting from their years of study in a large collective show. Students and graduates of the University of Art and Design in Cluj Napoca, the Faculty of Visual Arts and Design in Iași and the University of Timișoara, the School of Art and Fashion Design in Krakow or the Istituto Marangoni in Milan will take part. At the end of the series of presentations, Istituto Europeo di Design and Feeric Fashion Week will award a young Romanian designer a full scholarship for the “Summer Course” that takes place on the IED campus in Barcelona, in July next year.
From Venue, the fashion shows move to another unconventional space, in the Remat warehouse on the outskirts of Sibiu. Among the cars mutilated and transformed into old beasts, the pieces of the new HOOLDRA collection will parade. For the second year in a row, the Hooldra brand is partnering with the Humane Society International in the global #FurFree campaign, which aims to raise the alarm about the use of natural furs in fashion. Everything in the Hooldra collection is “real”, from recycled clothing, leftover fabrics and handmade shoes with recycled adhesive tapes, to choosing the location that reflects our environment.
Before the last presentation of the day, at Cinegold will take place a visual installation, entitled Home, at the origins – Făgăraș Country, a wide campaign of identity recovery of the traditional port in Romania and in the territories inhabited by Romanians, as it is worn and kept in Nowadays. The project is initiated by the La Blouse Roumaine community, in partnership with the Ţara Făgăraș Community Foundation, the Canvas and Storytelling Museum, Mândra Chic and local volunteers, in order to reconnect and develop communities through what is most valuable: cultural heritage. The event starts at 6 pm. At 8 pm, on the terrace of Sibiu Promenade, the Synergia collection will be unveiled to guests and spectators, a collection of 12 outfits that gives positive energy and harmony to the shapes that shape the silhouette, being inspired by the visual identity of Sibiu Promenade. The collection is made by the clothing designer Raluca Elena Coșăreanu.
Saturday, the last day of the fashion shows during Feeric Fashion Week, starts at 1 pm with two street presentations, on the ridge of Centumvirilor Street in the Historic Center. The first of them is supported by the Istituto Europeo di Design in Milan, by a Romanian designer, graduate of the institute, Marinela Djurdj. Then, Andreea Pleşa will present the InBetween project, a project that wants to sound the alarm on the excessive consumerism that underlies the clothing industry, the collection thus becoming a spokesperson to draw attention to both material and physical abuses that it uses fast fashion.
From Centumvirilor, the Feeric “caravan” moves to the industrial setting of the Boromir factory, where in the geometric space on the top floor of the factory we will see a new collection signed by Bianca Popp, the longest-lived designer present at Feeric Fashion Week. OUT OF THE BOX is a collection about the emotions that grow in us if we ignore them, until they come to dominate us, a collection of evening dresses so extravagant that they become characters, made of rustling taffeta.
The fashion shows end with the most awaited event of the fashion week in Sibiu, the Feeric Gala. For the first time since its establishment, the Gala will not take place in the Small Square but in the courtyard of the Evangelical Church in Huet Square. It will be a gala full of pomp and surprises, with quality music and seven fashion shows that are more and more spectacular. As every year, the host of the gala will be the TV star Cosmina Păsărin.
“We are at the 14th edition of Feeric Fashion Week, the journey so far is incredible. We have managed to bring Sibiu to a place of great honor on the European fashion scene, to become the most important fashion week in Eastern Europe and one of the most creative in the world, but things are really starting now, with this edition of transition that prepares a new path. Thus, we will add continuity to the project by approaching an educational segment and by involving the local community. We
continue to offer designers the most suitable launching pad through the connections created over these 14 years around the world and we will try to turn Feeric Fashion Week into a huge global fashion hub. And we are proud to create everything in Sibiu”, says Mitichi, president of Feeric Fashion Week.
Thank you! #FeelFeeric