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FEERIC FASHION DAYS – The biggest fashion week in Eastern Europe

Eight years ago, Feeric Fasion Days was becoming the first fashion festival in Sibiu, a city that held the title of European Capital of Culture. Respecting the city`s symbol the festival set out to promote the city through spectacular unique fashion shows, completely different from the traditional ones. Thus, eight years later, Feeric Fashion Days became the most important fashion week in Eastern Europe.


Along these eight years, Feeric Fashion Days was a launching point for young Romanian designers, and also a perfect place for well-known designers to promote their works. The shows in the festival have used spaces that seemed to have been improper for cat walk, thus giving the festival its own charm. There have been shows in stone quarries, on the railway in the Depot of the National Railway, on the bank of the river in the garden of the summer palace of  Samuel von Brukenthal, in the middle of the fountain in the Large Square in the city center, on the alleys of the Open Air Museum or on the tram that connects Sibiu to Rasinari. And the list could go on.

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After eight years that have transformed the atipical into normal, Feeric Fashion Days gives a note of traditionalism to the bigest fashion week in Eastern Europe. For the first time, Feeric Fashion Days will be held consecutively in two of the most beautiful cities in the center of Transilvania, Alba Iulia and Sibiu. The festival begins in 4-5 of July in Alba Iulia and will continue in Sibiu in 7-12 July. In total a number of 50 designers will present their new collections, in individual shows and also in gala. Each night, in Alba Iulia there will be Feeric Fashion Gala on a cat walk in Gate 3 of the Fortress Alba Iulia Carolina. In Sibiu, the Gala Feeric will take palce on a suspended cat walk across the Liar`s Bridge in the Small Square.
“In Sibiu and in Alba Iulia we will have great collections as the designers are doing great. We will have a number of 20 Romanian designers, some that have been recognized internationally for their work, and at the same time we will have a great number of foreign designers. The interest form the international public for the show has increased in the last years. There will be designers and people from the fashion world form France, England, Italy, USA, Argentina, Serbia, Spain, Malta, Holland, Belgium and many other countries. Also, there will be many fashion editors and photographers from famous fashion magazines. Individual shows will be a real attraction for designers and also for the public. In Alba Iulia the 2 individual shows will take place in the Roman Garden and Principia Museum. In Sibiu there will be shows in the interior court of the Brukenthal Palace, in the Evangelical Church in the Square and in the Railway Depot. The festival in Sibiu will have a grand opening with a special show Atipic Beauty, a project managed by Magda Coman and dedicated to the special needs people.  12 people with special needs will put on a show in order to raise awareness.

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Together with 12 of the festival`s guests, that are famous, they will send out a message of normality. Bloggers, media people and fashion photographers from all over the world will be present during the whole festival, both in Sibiu and Alba Iulia.  Among the celebrities that will be present at the festival Ilaria Niccolini – President of  FTL Moda – New York Fashion Week, Valeria Mangani – Vicepresidint Alta Roma / Alta Moda, Radis Nikzad – President of  Haute Future Fashion Academy Milano, Catrinel Menghia – actress,model and  designer, Svetlana Horvat – Presidint Serbia Fashion Week and  Anama Ferreira – Presidint of  Anama Models Argentina.