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Impressive collections @ Feeric Fashion Week

The 12th edition of the Feeric Fashion Week debuted on Wednesday at Versailles Weddings and Events with the photo exhibition that sums up the concept of this year’s edition of the “Consume less, pollute less” festival.

Vice President of FFW, fashion editor and influencer, Landiana has captured the attention of photographers and top fashion publishers from magazines such as Vogue, Elle, Marie Claire, Harper’s Bazaar and more in the last seasons of fashion weekends in Milan , Paris and London, using the same garments, being styled differently. “Some voices position second-place fashion among the most polluting industries. Nonprofit organizations, as well as corporations, invest heavily in awareness campaigns and even in research to reduce pollution. More and more independent designers are thinking about new collections in line with the awareness messages both on the market and on the big players, “says Mitichi, president of Feeric Fashion Week. The opening of the exhibition was followed by the opening party.

Fashion shows began on Thursday, at the shadow of the most representative symbol of Sibiu, the Tower of the Council. ​Silvia Şerban​presented to the public a new autumn-winter collection called DoubleYou. “DoubleYou” is a collection dedicated to the authentic woman, as any woman in its essence who goes through personal transformation and accepts others as they are, who can create a world of love and respect, and achieves the goals and encourages their children to do everything that brings them happiness. The passage through the ethnic styles of many peoples of the world is a tribute to the true gods, earthly women who have wisely supported and supported life and are in the service of the community.

The next two presentations of the day took place in the scenery of the Brukenthal Summer Palace in Avrig. ​Eduardo Ocantos​, one of the longest-running designers at Feeric Fashion Week, presented a new colorful collection along the stream that crosses the palace courtyard. This year’s collection is inspired by Argentinean artist’s paintings and is created exclusively from sustainable materials such as blade wool, a specific animal in northern Argentina. The wool is painted in natural colors and is assorted with silk pieces. Eduardo Ocantos is one of the most famous designers of South America and his collections have been presented in recent years on scenes from France, Serbia, Malta, Montenegro, Peru, Uruguay or Mexico.

On leaving the evening and the light of the lanterns in the woods, ​The Rags Tribe ​presented a vaporous, warm-walled collection, made exclusively from vintage, unique materials, gathered by the creator behind the brand in rural India. Dawn Schuster, the creator behind this brand, started this experience after seeing a post on Instagram with a group of women saved from the Mumbai human trafficking. In a few weeks, Dawn had already opened her first workshop in India, with all the employees of the workshop being women who had gone through this calvary. Each piece created by Rags Tribe is unique and talks about courageous women and their power to overcome any difficulty.

On Friday, fashion shows begin at Sibiu International Airport. On the arrival luggage luggage band, the audience will be able to watch the new collection of Pif Stefano, titled Monolog

20.19. The presentation is scheduled to begin at 13 o’clock. Then at 17 o’clock at Cisnadie’s Magura Airport, Bianca Popp will present a new womenswear collection, surrounded by airplanes, paragliders and delta planes. From 20 o’clock on the Habermann Square geometrical gradients, the Ramelle brand will be presented and at 21 o’clock in Feeric Venue at the “Ion Besoiu” Cultural Center, Bianca Popp will present a male collection and the European Design Institute will run two collective presentations by the students of the institute. The third day of the Feeric Fashion Week will end at Mango Pub this evening with a new Feeric party.

Feeric Fashion Week takes place between July 17th and 21st, in Sibiu. The event is co-financed by the Sibiu Local Council through the City Hall of Sibiu and the Sibiu County Council.

Partners: Ford through Mecatronics Sibiu, Lillet, Wella, Paese, Boromir, Redal Expo, First Driving School, Buonavista