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Sibiu is hosting the up and coming fashion week you don’t want to miss this year

The anniversary edition of Feeric Fashion Week will take place between 17 and 23 July in Sibiu.
Over 50 designers and many other guests from all around the world will be in Sibiu to take part in that which is called by the press “the most creative fashion week” among international fashion events of this kind.

After being the former European Capital of Culture, between the 17th and 23rd of July Sibiu will become the international center of fashion. Being credited by the press as the „most creative fashion week in the world”, Feeric Fashion Week will not fail to amaze its varied audience event this year. This will certainly be the biggest edition yet to take place in Sibiu as organizers are expecting an ever increasing number of visitors to join press members and world-famous fashion bloggers. Sibiu Fashion Week held its first edition in 2008 under the name of Feeric Fashion Days and two years ago it acquired the official title of „Fashion Week” getting aligned to the international standards. For this 10th edition of the festival important names from major fashion capitals have already confirmed their presence in Sibiu alongside tens of designers from all corners of the world like Argentina, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Chile, Paraguay, Holland and many more.

The creativity and spectacular character of Sibiu’s Fashion Week was conferred each time by the amazing locations that were chosen for the fashion shows. Impressed by the natural beauty of the locations, designers have started to be more and more interested in showing off their collections in unique settings. Consequently, this 10th edition of Feeric Fashion Week will bring together in one single event the most incredible locations for fashion shows used in these 10 years. „The public will be able to enjoy fashion shows in the Turnu Rosu stone quarry, at the Clay Castle Valea Zanelor in Porumbacu de Sus, on a tram or a steam train, close to Piata Mare, in Sibiu International Airport, in the train depot and finally on the Passage of Stairs in Sibiu. Considering the diversity of these unconventional locations chosen for this edition, we expect a much greater local and international media exposure compared to past years. But the most importantly we are expecting a very high number of visitors as all events during Feeric Fashion Week are open to the public for free. This is because the shows are meant to be enjoyed by everyone who is present whether they are passionate about fashion or not.” declared Mitichi, President of Feeric Fashion Week.

Other than hosting fashion shows, Feeric Fashion Week reopens its gates for fashion photography with two exhibitions that will be hosted during the festival. Feeric Fashion Week’s Vice-president, Landiana Cerciu, will be the main subject of a unique photographic project to date in Romania. 10 of the most renowned fashion photographers in the country have contributed to the making of the „10.4.1” project-exhibition. The photographers have had the rare opportunity of actually creating a concept that is completely molded to their own style of the same exact model. The 10 photographers are Andreea Retinschi, Roxana Enache, Oltin Dogaru, Cosmin Gogu, Nicola Casini, Alex Gâlmeanu, Victor Oancea, Horațiu Curuțiu, Cornel Petruș and Mitichi. The inauguration of the exhibition will take place on July 18, the first day of the festival, at Versailles by Buonavista close to Cisnădioara. Later on, the photography exhibit will be on display at the Ferric Venue – Redal Expo and also during the Feeric Gala that will take place on July 22 in Piata Mica. „During my career I’ve had the opportunity of participating in hundreds of fashion shootings where I had to accept the ideas of other people. This time around I got to be actively involved in creating the concept of the shootings alongside my ten amazing photographers in order to get the desired result. It was one of the most important photography projects that I’ve contributed to and I can’t wait to reveal the final outcome to you, the public.”, said Landiana Cerciu, creator of the „10.4.1” exhibition. The second group of photographic works is a retrospective of the past 10 years at Feeric Fashion Week and has been put together by Sebastian Marcovici. The exhibition will be on display during the entire period of the festival in the Feeric Venue.